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Underscore: From Learning to Earning - Monetizing Your Customer Education Programs

Shannon Howard
October 13, 2023
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In this webinar, we heard from two seasoned customer education leaders with a history of managing multi-million dollar P&Ls. They shared their hard-won lessons in monetizing education programs and took Q&A from the live audience. They also share these experiences with their clients and Education Monetization Strategy consultants.

Learn from Mindy Barenblat (former VP of Education Services at Blackbaud) and Andrew Green (Former Sr. Director of Customer Education at LogicMonitor).

We covered a lot of ground in this discussion, including:

  • What content should you charge for? Are there certain types of content you should monetize?
  • When’s the right time to start offering paid education programs?
  • How do you price and package your paid offerings?
  • How do people purchase paid education programs and how do you track that?
  • How do you market and promote paid programs?
  • How do you report on the success of your paid learning programs? Is it just dollars in, dollars out?

Catch the recording below—and don't forget to check out our Events page to register for future webinars.

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