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Underscore: Metrics to Meaning - Proving the Value of Learning Programs

Shannon Howard
July 13, 2023
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In this webinar, we heard from three education professionals on how they measure the performance of their learning programs. Each serves different audiences (employees, customers, and/or partners) and is at a different stage of their program measurement journey.

Learn from Christy Hollingshead (VP of Customer Education and Engagement at Heap), Joe Ryan (Training Manager at Maltego Technologies), and Arthur Altman (Independent Consultant and Former Education Services Lead).

We covered a lot of ground in this discussion, including:

  • How to determine what metrics to measure
  • How measurement evolves as your education program matures—and what metrics you can look at along the way
  • How to tie learning metrics to business impact
  • Some of the difficulties we run into when trying to measure the success of our programs
  • How to think about qualitative feedback alongside quantitative insights

I think one of the attendees, Nick, summed it up best when he said, "Having industry panelists talk at length about their experience and share their knowledge was extremely valuable. There were different perspectives weighing in on the topics and the dialogue felt genuine." (Thanks, Nick, for joining us live & for the feedback!)

Catch the recording below—and don't forget to check out our Events page to register for future webinars.

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