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Underscore: Using Data to Measure Education Program Health

Chi Johnson
July 18, 2022
customer education thought leadership by Intellum

When delivering education programs, most companies aren't as data-driven as they would like to be.

This session is lead by Intellum Product Manager, Radhika Solanki. Her career experiences have steeped in data and machine learning. Pulling from her expertise she shares how to collect and display data to assess the health of your organizational education program.

"...a single metric isn’t going to give you clarity on what to do next. Data for the sake of data isn’t important. What’s important is that the story the data tells is the most valuable story you possess."

Here’s what we cover: 

  • Why you should be collecting data from your platform
  • Three main metrics you should be measuring
  • How to decipher program health status from the data you collect

This topic and session was jam-packed with information and next steps. We're sharing the presentation slides and a few resources to help you build the proper foundation for your education program.

Webinar resources: 

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