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Underscore: Women in Education

Chi Johnson
March 13, 2023
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In this special edition of Underscore, Intellum brought together three phenomenal leaders in organizational education. This session celebrated Women’s History Month and is a powerful reminder of the impact that women can have in shaping the future of this industry. 

Our panelists, Jaclyn Anku from Gusto, Silvie Liao from Contentful, and our very own Tia Samuel began by detailing their career journeys. They went on to share challenges they’ve encountered and strategies they’ve used to overcome them.

Here’s what else we discussed: 

  • The key challenges faced by women in organizational education and what strategies they’ve used to overcome
  • How to ensure women's contributions are recognized throughout the planning, production, and delivery stages of an education program
  • One thing they would tell their younger selves

One of the biggest takeaways was Silvie’s mindset to combat imposter syndrome, “I think it's important to have the courage to be disliked… just think about what's the best for you and advocate, really, for yourself”.

Amongst all the wisdom, a common thread was the idea that everyone has an opportunity to create positive change and drive innovation for women, not just within their own organizations but across this young industry as a whole.

Looking for inspiration? Outside of this very appropriate Spice Girls Playlist, we’ve crowdsourced a few resources that have been transformational for our panelists and a few other Intellum employees.

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