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Underscore: The "Why" Behind Framework

Chi Johnson
January 18, 2022
customer education webinar series

An education program that helps your organization reach goals is important, so we developed The Intellum Framework©. It is a central document that leverages our own methodology and unites all of an organization’s educational initiatives.

In this Underscore webinar, Intellum's own Vicky Kennedy, illustrates how The Intellum Framework© comes to life when applied to your customer education program (regardless of the tool you use to deliver it).

Here’s what we cover: 

  • What a strategic framework is and why organizations need them
  • What the process of using The Intellum Framework looks like 
  • The challenges and benefits that might arise while using this framework

The Intellum Framework© is meant to be worked through with a team, start a conversation, and bring alignment. It’s meant to be a living breathing document that is applied, revisited, and revised.

In The Intellum Framework© Course, you’ll complete three worksheets that capture your organization’s educational initiatives from three perspectives: 

  • Goals
  • Audiences
  • Content

Ready to dive in? Take The Intellum Framework Course.

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