Case Study

How BeyondTrust University Scales Global Education and Enablement with Intellum

BeyondTrust University Intellum Case Study

BeyondTrust is the worldwide leader in intelligent identity and access security, enabling organizations to protect identities, stop threats, and deliver dynamic access. BeyondTrust University (the company's education program) enables customers, partners, and employees to effectively use and advocate for BeyondTrust's products. 

BeyondTrust University (BTU) started with BeyondTrust’s knowledge base. Early education team members managed all product documentation and training efforts. As the company grew, the team expanded to meet the growing needs of the business, including delivering effective training and enablement to both internal and external audiences. During this time, BTU’s leadership team purchased and implemented their first learning management system (LMS). 


With the acquisition of multiple companies and rapid growth, BTU had to manage integrations, scalability, and learner experience. The challenge was to find a way to efficiently scale training, provide customized learning paths, and ensure seamless integration with other systems. The LMS they were working with couldn’t keep up with BTU’s rapid growth, leading to the search for a new LMS. 


When it came to choosing a new LMS, there were a number of criteria the BeyondTrust team considered as part of the selection process.

BTU needed a platform that could:

  • Support integrations for Salesforce and other systems that streamlined the training process
  • Automate the fulfillment of training for both internal and external audiences
  • Scale to educate thousands of learners with different learning needs
  • Automate the provisioning of virtual labs
  • Support multiple languages
  • Deliver a seamless learning experience and custom learning paths
  • Support the scheduling and delivery of multi-day training sessions

The BeyondTrust team evaluated over 50 different LMS options—ultimately choosing Intellum due to factors such as a robust API, customization capabilities, reporting, integrations, and ease of administration.

"With Intellum, we've been able to scale our programs to tens of thousands of learners around the globe." - Aaron Schuett, VP of Education and Enablement at BeyondTrust


The implementation of Intellum enabled the BeyondTrust University team to continue growing and to better serve the business’s needs.

Scalability and Efficiency: BTU now supports thousands of users, with streamlined provisioning and deep integration capabilities. 

Reduced Support Tickets: Training led to a significant reduction in support tickets, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing overhead cost.

Expanded Reach: Intellum supported BTU in doubling its yearly active users and introducing new education options, including live workshops and custom learning paths.

Increased Visibility: With Intellum, customer and partner success managers are now able to view learner activity, allowing them to better understand how they could support their customers and partners.

Easier Reporting: Using Intellum’s built-in reporting, the BTU team is now better able to track certifications by learner type and keep tabs on key metrics. 

What’s Next For BeyondTrust University

The growth plans for BeyondTrust University aren't slowing down. 

BTU continues to explore opportunities for growth, including expanding into community engagement, building on what it measures in PowerBI (a data visualization tool), and moving training guides into the Intellum Platform. 

BeyondTrust's journey illustrates the transformational impact of effective education and enablement strategies. By aligning training efforts with business objectives, leveraging technology, and fostering a culture of learning, BeyondTrust University has not only empowered customers and partners but also contributed significantly to the company's success and growth. Intellum's collaboration and solutions have played a pivotal role in realizing BTU's vision of a seamless, scalable, and impactful learning experience.

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