Case Study

How DSI Security Educates and Engages Employees with Intellum

DSI Intellum LMS Case Study

DSI Security Services is a third-generation, family-owned and managed security service provider. With a firm belief that better training leads to better decisions and outcomes, education plays a key role in their employee engagement strategy. DSI leverages education to onboard and train their security staff. Blending in-person training with online learning, they’ve created dedicated online training to enable and retain their workforce.


In security services, prioritizing competency and safety is imperative. Equally important is the ongoing commitment to keeping employees well-trained and informed. To achieve this, DSI diligently shares safety information and conducts timely training sessions with its employees on a monthly basis.

Prior to 2020, DSI provided this training primarily in-person—a method that faced significant challenges with the onset of COVID-19. The pandemic necessitated a shift to digital solutions to maintain training standards and accessibility. 

DSI's leadership recognized the need for an innovative, integrated learning platform to keep up with these changing demands.


When DSI’s team set out looking for a learning management system, they had a few criteria in mind. 

Foremost, DSI sought a solution capable of seamlessly integrating with their current tech infrastructure, encompassing HR and scheduling software. Crucially, this integration needed to be executed with minimal overhead and manpower, ensuring efficiency in both creation and maintenance processes.

The team also wanted a solution that wasn’t dependent on SCORM (a set of technical standards some eLearning teams use), where they could easily create and maintain content. And a platform that was accessible from any device, to accommodate their on-the-go workforce.

What won them over to Intellum was:

  • Seamless, out-of-the-box integration with HR and scheduling software
  • User-friendly design
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for creating learning activities and paths, providing a streamlined approach to online training
  • Ease of creating and updating content


When DSI implemented Intellum, their goals were to protect services revenue and engage and retain their workforce.

Since implementing Intellum in 2021, DSI has observed remarkable outcomes:

  • A 10x increase in learners
  • 500,000+ course completions
  • 100+ hours saved in content creation time
  • 5,000 active users in the platform

Their employees also report feeling more engaged as a result of training. With Intellum’s robust reporting capabilities, they’re able to easily track the metrics that matter most.

“Everything we envisioned in our original proposals, we’ve exceeded expectations. It’s almost like we’re living in the future now.” - Jamie Ridenhour, Director of Quality Assurance

What's Next

DSI is not content to stop here—they’ve got plans to continue growing and iterating on their education efforts. 

First up is increasing learner engagement through the adoption of Reputation-Based Gamification. 

They’re also creating more personalized content to better meet the diverse requirements of their security staff. With security professionals serving in a variety of industries, they’re developing more vertical-specific content, tailoring training to the unique needs of clients in sectors like healthcare and retail.

Having exceeded their initial expectations in partnership with Intellum, DSI is paving the way towards the future of digital training in the security industry.

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