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Top Education Capabilities, According to Executives

Dr. Michelle Ellis
July 11, 2024
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In early 2024, Intellum partnered with Gatepoint Research to understand executive priorities for customer and partner education and enablement.

Here’s what that research uncovered.

Top Education Capabilities

When asked which education capabilities drive customer and partner success, executives believed the following:

  • Develop high-quality training content (58%)
  • Enable customers self-service (45%)
  • Personalize content/learning paths across audiences (43%)
  • Create excellent learning experiences (38%)
  • Deliver the right content, at the right time and place (38%)
  • Enable customer and/or partner certifications (22%)
  • Deliver just-in-time training (14%)
  • Localize and globalize content development and delivery (10%)

Apply These Insights to Your Education Program

Data helps us to understand what’s working and what’s not—but the key is to apply those learnings to our own work.

We’ve compiled resources to aid you in implementing the top capabilities identified as part of this survey.

Develop High-Quality Training Content

Key to developing high-quality content is understanding, first and foremost, who your learner personas are. 

From there, you can conduct a training needs analysis to understand who needs to be trained, on what, and how. Part of designing a successful education program is focusing on the behaviors you’re trying to change—these turn into your learning outcomes. The success of your education program is then measured by how well learners achieve those outcomes.

Enable Customers Self-Service

Across the board, the data points to how important it is to provide customers with self-serve education resources. These can take the form of help articles, video tutorials, communities and forums, or on-demand training and eLearning. 

You can leverage AI tools for education content creation to speed up the development and release of some of these materials. 

Personalize Content Across Audiences

Personalized learning can sound like a daunting prospect. After all, how do you customize the learning experience for each individual learner?

This is where it can be helpful to use modular content and leverage segmentation (like Groups in Intellum) to serve up the right content based on the audience.

And as AI advances in learning technologies, you’ll be able to more easily personalize both content and learning experiences to the individual user. 

(Intellum’s AI-powered Personalized Learning collects detailed learner information through an interactive conversation with our AI Assistant—and uses that to create custom profiles and hyper-personalized learning plans.)

Create Excellent Learning Experiences

The learner experience is about meeting the learner where they’re at in their moment of learning need.

And it’s not just about one thing—it’s a combination of elements that ultimately lead to a great learning experience.

Ideally, your learning management system (LMS) has some of these elements (like intuitive design, ease of use, and personalization) built in.

Check out this webinar we hosted on the topic:

Focus on What Matters

It’s easy in education to have a number of things on your roadmap. We hope these insights help you to focus your efforts on what matters most—and what’s top of mind for your executive team.

About the Author

Dr. Michelle Ellis Speaker Headshot
Dr. Michelle Ellis
Director of Learning & Development
Michelle Ellis has over 25 years of experience in instructional design, including nearly 20 years at Disney, and a PhD in Training and Performance Improvement.. Her experience ranges from teaching in the academic setting to designing, developing, and facilitating education to teach technical, soft, and leadership skills. Michelle came to Intellum as a practitioner to share her experiences with learning and how to build a learning strategy.